write 6 pages in favor of patient’s right for privacy (communication/records/media)

Nursing : Patient’s right for privacy… 

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This is a Nursing paper. I am attaching a word document with all explanations.

Please write 6 pages in favor of patient’s right for privacy (communication/records/media)

  • Please mention “AB 1671-Gomez” and HIPPA acts and patient’s privacy.
  • The assignment is about nursing leadership; the leader nurse should be able to make sure that patient is satisfied and safe regarding the information and communication privacy; the nurse not only as a leader but also as patient’s advocate should be responsible to follow HIPPA and (AB 1671-Gomez);
  • please use 2 legal and or evidence-based practices supporting the subject (links are attached below)
  • There should be 10 references.


Please use the following information to complete the assignment. I as a cancer patient, when going through chemotherapy in an outpatient clinic (in a room with multiple beds), can hear the other patient’s condition and other patients can hear my private information in a room with multiple beds. I believe a serious condition like cancer should be treated at a private room, because the patients should not have the fear of sharing private information if they do not want to. The patient is under huge pressure of the disease, treatment and sometimes bad prognosis; he/she should not be in a situation or environment that keeping privacy is impossible. Please add information about the nursing leadership responsibilities related to this subject. Please add how a leader nurse can help patient to keep their privacy. Please use the links below for the paper.

· You can use this link to an evidence-base practice/journal: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3616842/

  • Link to another journal/article regarding confidentiality: ETHICS IN MEDICINE University of Washington School of Medicine:
  • Link to the Act “AB 1671-Gomez”: