Reflect on how the process will inform your nursing practice

Order Description

a. Introductory section
-what is the paper about (purpose)
-what is the problem or issue? (problem/issue statement)
-why is it an important problem or issue in nursing education (or staff nurse or patient education)? (History & significance)
-what terms are essential to know? (operational definitions
b. Review of related Literature section
-what is known or needs to be known according to relevant professional organizations?
-what information from descriptive and research literature, books and personal communication supports what is known or needs to be known about the topic?
-what cultural, ethical, legal, demographic issues are related to the problem or issue?
-what theories are important in further understanding the problem issue?
-what will happen if it is not addressed?
c. Translation to Practice Section
-propose solutions or ideas to address the problem or issue in terms of what the education should look like (proposed curriculum or course or module or patient learning materials as appropriate). Detail that your proposed methods are grounded in the literature and best practices.
-include tables or figures as appropriate to demonstrate the logic of your solution or ideas.
-discuss effective teaching/learning strategies that will facilitate learning outcomes.
-What types of assessment and evaluation measures need to be put in place and when should the measures be performed?
d. Faculty or Nurse Development Section
-what do nurse educators need to learn in order to address the topic?
-what resources (including technologies) are needed in order to address the topic?
e. Conclusion Section
-provide a concise summary of all the sections of the paper
-reflect on how the process will inform your nursing practice