Nursing Leadership and Management

Module 5 Assignment 2: Professional Development Plan


Overview: Professional Development Plan

This course aims to help you utilize quality improvement processes and management tools to improve client care outcomes, partly by improving the nurse’s working environment as you make and implement good decisions. Now you will apply those processes and tools to yourself by creating a professional development plan.

You will begin by completing some management graphic organizers or tools. Then you will use these tools as the basis of your plan.


· Explain how organizations function.

· Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.

· Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions.

· Evaluate effectiveness of communication patterns using specific management situations.

Submit this assignment on this template and submit as a word document.


Use this rubric to guide your work on the Week 5 Professional Development Plan.

Statement of Philosophy(max 20 points)(16-20 points)Clear statement of philosophy of nursing(7 points)(9-15 points)Statement of philosophy of nursing(5 points)(0-8 points)One or more philosophy statements missing or poorly written(0-5 points)
Clear statement of personal philosophy(6 points)Statement of personal philosophy(5 points)
Both philosophies clearly reflected in values, vision, and personal interests (in first assessment tool)(7 points)Both philosophies somewhat reflected in values, vision, and personal interests (in first assessment tool)(5 points)Little or no evidence of connections between philosophies and assessment tools(0-3 points)
Use of Assessment Tools to Formulate Goals(max 20 points)(14-20 points)Detailed completion of Assessment Tools(5 points)(4-13 points)Completion of Assessment Tools(3-4 points)(0-3 points)Little or no completion of Assessment Tools(0-2 points)
Clearly-articulated list of at least four prioritized goals based on assessments(5 points)List of at least four prioritized goals(3 points)List of at least two goals(0-1 point)
All goals stated in measurable terms(5 points)Some goals stated in measureable terms(3 points)No goals stated in measurable terms(0 points)
Dates identified for accomplishing each goal(5 points)Dates identified for accomplishing most goals(3 points)No dates identified(0 points)
Specific Strategies(max 20 points)Identified specific strategies for accomplishing each goal(16-20 points total)Some strategies that are related to pursuance of goals(11-15 points total)Vague or no description of strategies(0-10 points)
Priority of Goals(max 20 points)Priority of each goal consistent with statements of values(16-20 points total)Goals are related to values(11-15 points total)Priorities are not indicated and/or goals are not clearly related to values(0-10 points)
References(max 10 points)At least five references(5 points)Four references(4 points)Fewer than four references(0-2 points)
References formatted correctly (APA)(5 points)Fewer than three APA format errors(4 points)Three or more APA format errors(0-2 points)
Format & Organization(max 10 points)Professional, error-free APA formats, spelling, grammar, use of language, and organization of responses(9-10 points)Generally acceptable APA formats, spelling, grammar, use of language, and organization of responses(5-8 points)Error-laden APA formats, spelling, grammar, use of language, and/or lack of organization of responses makes reading difficult(0-5 points)

Part A. Completion of Assessment Tools

My Vision and Interests

Personal VALUESInfluencing FACTORS
ResponsibilitiesCommitmentPersonal ExperienceFamily Member(s)FriendsPeersMentorsWork-Related
OPTIONS to ConsiderPLANNED Accomplishments
EducationFinancial NeedsBalancing Personal & Professional LifeAs an IndividualLeaderTeam Member

My SWOT Analysis

Personal Strengths/TalentsProfessional InterestsPersonal CharacteristicsProfessional Development Areas
Learning ExperiencesFlexibilityPlanned or UnplannedResources and NetworksBalancing Personal & Professional LifeFearsCompetitionLimiting Factors

My Professional Goals

Write at least one goal in each time category. Write the goal in measurable terms, and list them in order of those that are most important to you to those that are least important.

As a New BSN GraduateWith Experience 3 – 5 Years
New Horizons 10 YearsCareer Accomplishments 25 – 30 Years

Part B: Analysis and Conclusions

References, Format, and Organization

Write at least one paragraph (at least three sentences) in response to each of the categories below. (Each space will expand as you type.) Use at least 5 references to support your discussion of each component. The references that you utilize aid in validity of your personal philosophy as well as help to strengthen your argument for prioritization as well as strategies used. Write citations in APA format, and include a references list (in APA format) at the end of the document. (NOTE: To make it easier to distinguish your work from the guiding instructions, use black text.)

Statement of Philosophy

Record your statements of philosophy of Nursing and of personal philosophy. Explain how these are reflected the values, vision, and personal interests that you recorded in your “My Vision and Interests” tool.

Use of Assessment Tools to Formulate Goals

Clearly utilize information from the Assessment Tools as the basis for formulating your goals. Develop a list of prioritized goals based on your assessments. Goals must be stated in measurable terms, i.e., how can you tell you have accomplished that goal? Identify dates for accomplishing each goal.

Specific Strategies

Identify specific strategies for accomplishing your goals.Give specific examples for accomplishing your goals, including resources and major intermediate steps.

Priority of Goals

Explain how the priority of your goals is consistent with your statements of values. Explain how your goals are congruent with each other and with your values.


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