In this assignment, you will apply the skills you learned from Chapter 8 of the textbook, and the course presentation on research

Purpose: In this assignment, you will apply the skills you learned from Chapter 8 of the textbook, and the course presentation on research. You must review this material before beginning the assignment. While you will not need to write an actual paper for this assignment, you will need to demonstrate your ability to conduct a search on the Jerry Falwell Library website, evaluate an article for quality and credibility, and cite your sources with integrity. (Syllabus MLOs: B, C, E and Module 5 LOs: 2, 3, 4) Instructions: In this assignment, you will locate, evaluate, and cite an article for a pretend research paper. Specific steps for this assignment include: Choose a topic to research from the options in Step 1. Search for and locate an appropriate article for your paper. Your article must be: o Appropriate for writing a paper on the chosen topic (relevant). o Written by a credible author. o Scholarly in nature. o Current for the field of research—in this instance, no more than 5 years old. o Objectively written. Evaluate your article for quality and credibility. Cite your source with integrity. Follow the steps below and record your responses to each question in the space provided. Note: Your score for this assignment is based on your accurate evaluation of your chosen article, not on meeting the criteria of the pretend research paper. Do not change articles if you find that yours is deficient on some point. Instead, perform a thorough evaluation of the article selected, as this is the basis for your grade. Step 1. Obtain a topic: Mark your chosen topic with an X. The importance of How adult time management learning theory as an online applies to online student learners Academic X integrity in online higher education Learning preferences and online students Step 2. Search for and locate a scholarly article that is related to your topic: Criteria Article Search What search terms did you initially use when looking for your article? Your Responses Academic Integrity In Online Higher Education Page 1 of 5 UNIV 104 Criteria Article Search (continued) Did you have to alter your search terms to find an article? What search terms did you end up using? Paste the permalink for your article in the box. How does your chosen article relate to your topic? Your Responses No My chosen article relates in that it is about Academic Integrity in Online Higher Education. Step 3. Evaluate your article for quality and credibility: Criteria Credible Who is/are the author/s? Your Responses (Lesley Morgan and Leigh Hart) How is/are the author/s qualified to write this article? (You may need to conduct a Google search to find out more about your author/s.) Dr. Morgan’s nursing background includes clinical practice, administration and education. A Nurse Corps Officer in the United States Navy, she has held numerous positions during her 20 years in nursing administration, including Nurse Manager, Director, Assistant Vice President and Interim Nursing Vice President. Prior to becoming director of the RN to BSN program, Dr. Morgan spent six years as a full-time faculty member for Jacksonville University. ( (Jacksonville University) Dr. Leigh Hart is a tenured Professor at the Jacksonville University School of Nursing. She is certified as a family nurse practitioner, and has practiced as a nurse practitioner in internal medicine and urgent care settings. Dr. Hart obtained an ADN from Georgia Southwestern University, a BSN from the Medical College of Georgia, an MSN in Community Health with a specialization in Nursing Education from Albany State University, a PhD in Nursing from Barry University, and a post­master certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of North Florida. Her three primary areas of research interest include academic integrity in online courses, nurse practitioner outcomes, and clinical decision making skills.­Hart,­PHD,­ARNP,­FNP­ BC.aspx (Jacksonville University) Page 2 of 5 UNIV 104 Is this a credible source? They both have extensive background in education and are experts Why or why not? in their field. What is the name of the publication in which your article was printed? Is the article written in a formal or informal style? Provide an example. Does the article include references to other publications? If so, how many? (This information is often available on the article information page.) Criteria Scholarly (continued) Was this article peerreviewed? How can you tell? (This information is often available on the article information page.) Is this a scholarly article? Why or why not? Current In what year was your article published? Is this a current article? Why is it important that your article for this paper was published within the last 5 years? Promoting Academic Integrity in an Online RN/BSN Program Informal Informal methods were used in a random survey at the end of the semester after teaching and intervention on the subject of academic integrity. The article includes 18 references of other publications. Your Responses Yes, When I click on Scholarly & Peer Review it shows a green check. Yes, when I click on Scholary and Peer Review it shows a check. 2013 Yes It’s important for my article to be current because they have new and more update information. Page 3 of 5 UNIV 104 Objective Does/do the author/s have a bias, or conflict of interest, which might impact his or her/their objectivity? Does/do the author/s consider alternative viewpoints and approach them fairly? Provide an example. Does/do the author/s use objective wording, or is the wording subjective or affected by emotions? Provide examples. Would this be considered an objective source? Why or why not? No I don’t think the author’s are bias. I think they are top in their fields and are Scholars. Yes Page 4 of 5 UNIV 104 Step 4. Cite your source with integrity: Criteria Provide a properly formatted and current APA reference for your article. Provide an in-text citation you might use were you to summarize part of this article in your paper. Provide an in-text citation you might use were you to quote part of this article in your paper. Your Responses Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5. Page 5 of 5