Developing Your Personal Management Development Plan

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Developing Your Personal Management Development Plan

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Daft, Richard L. Management, 12th Edition. Cengage Learning, 2016. [Chegg].

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Note, the below exercises are from the 12th edition of the Daft text. Students who may be using an earlier or later
edition may find some differences in the assessments provided. This is fine because all of the assessments are
excellent, regardless of book edition.
Chapter 1 – Innovative Management for a Changing World
1. Manager Achievement (p. 3)
2. New Manager Self-Test: Managing Your Time – (p. 22)
3. Apply Your Skills: Management Aptitude Questionnaire (p. 31)
Chapter 2 – The Evolution of Management
4. Are You a New-Style or an Old-Style Manager? (p. 39)
5. New Manager Self-Test: Evolution of Style (p. 51)
6. Apply Your Skills: Security or Autonomy? (p. 64)
Chapter 3 – The Environment and Corporate Culture
7. Are You Fit for Managerial Uncertainty? (p. 75)
8. New Manager Self-Test: Culture Preference (p. 97)
9. Apply Your Skills: Working in an Adaptability Culture (p. 101)
Chapter 4 – Managing in a Global Environment
10. Are You Ready to Work Internationally? (p. 111)
11. New Manager Self-Test: Are You Culturally Intelligent? (p. 137)
12. Apply Your Skills: What Are Your Social Values? (p. 141)
Chapter 5 – Managing Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
13. What is Your Level of Ethical Maturity? (p. 151)
14. New Manager Self-Test: Are You a Giver or Taker? (p. 162)
15. Apply Your Skills: Ethical Work Climates (p. 174)
Chapter 6 – Managing Small Business Startups
16. Do You Think Like an Entrepreneur? (p. 183)
17. New Manager Self-Test: Perceived Passion (p. 199)
18. Apply Your Skills: What’s Your Entrepreneurial IQ? (p. 206)

Chapter 7 – Managerial Planning and Goal Setting
19. Does Goal Setting Fit Your Management Style? (p. 218)
20. New Manager Self-Test: Your Approach to Studying (p. 226)
Chapter 8 – Strategy Formulation and Execution
21. What is Your Strategy Strength? (p. 250)
22. New Manager Self-Test: Your Approach to Studying, Part 2 (p. 251)
23. Apply Your Skills: Strategic Thinking Blueprints (p. 276)
Chapter 9 – Managerial Decision-Making
24. How Do You Make Decisions? (p. 283)
25. New Manager Self-Test: Making Important Decisions (p. 293)
26. Apply Your Skills: What’s Your Personal Decision Style? (p. 309)
Chapter 10 – Designing Adaptive Organizations
27. What Are Your Leadership Beliefs? (p. 321)
28. New Manager Self-Test: Authority Role Models (p. 326)
29. Apply Your Skills: Organic Versus Mechanistic Organization Structure (p. 354)
Chapter 11 – Managing Change and Innovation
30. Do You Have True Grit? (p. 363)
31. New Manager Self-Test: Assess Your Creativity (p. 371)
32. Apply Your Skills: Is Your Company Creative? (p. 389)
Chapter 12 – Managing Human Resources
33. Getting the Right People on the Bus (p. 399)
34. New Manager Self-Test: What is Your Focus? (p. 407)
35. Apply Your Skills: Do You Want to Be an HR Manager? (p. 428)
Chapter 13 – Managing Diversity
36. Do You Have a Gender and Authority Bias? (p. 438)
37. New Manager Self-Test: Valuing Workplace Diversity (p. 448)
38. Applying Your Skills: How Tolerant Are You? (p. 460)
Chapter 14 – Understanding Individual Behavior
39. Are You Self-Confident? (p. 471)
40. New Manager Self-Test: Expressed Emotions (p. 491)
41. Apply Your Skills: Personality Assessment: Jung’s Typology (p. 500)
Chapter 15: Leadership
42. Task Versus People Orientation (p. 511)
43. New Manager Self-Test: What is Your Follower Style? (p. 535)
44. Apply Your Skills: What is the Impact of Leadership (p. 541)
Chapter 16: Motivating Employees
45. What Motivates You? (p. 551
46. New Manager Self-Test: Need for Achievement, Affiliation, and Power (p. 561)
47. Apply Your Skills: What Motivates You? (p. 578)
Chapter 17: Managing Communications
48. Do You Focus on What Others Say? (p. 588)
49. New Manager Self-Test: Are You Building a Personal Network? (p. 606)
50. Apply Your Skills: Personal Assessment of Communication Apprehension (p. 612)
Chapter 18 – Leading Teams
51. How Do You Like to Work? (p. 621)
52. New Manager Self-Test: What Team Role Do You Play? (p. 637)
Chapter 19 – Managing Quality and Performance
53. Improvement Attitude (p. 65930)
54. New Manager Self-Test: What is Your Attitude Toward Organization Regulation? (p. 669)
55. Apply Your Skills: Is Your Budget in Control? (p. 686)

Below is the recommended format for organizing each student’s Personal Management Development Plan
Cover Page
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Personal Background
2. My Career Objectives
3. Where I See My Management Strengths
4. Where I See My Management Weaknesses
5. New Insights Gained from Exercises in
6. Management Areas Where I Need to Improve
7. Personal Actions I Plan to Take to Improve My Management Capabilities
8. Summary and Conclusions

A. Exercises Performed and Summary of Results
B. Bibliography or references if additional research was conducted