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Performance Enhancement

Performance of the employees is what drives any organization. Ensuring the performance and removing any problems or issues being faced, is the responsibility of the management as well as that of the employee. Without diagnosing and resolving the problem, all efforts to solve a performance problem are useless.

           The article under focus suggests that diagnosing any problem that might be the cause of a performance problem is critical and also not easy. The author of this article highlights a number of factors that directly impact employee performance and thus, can be the cause of performance problems (Bascal, 2015). These factors are as follows.

           The first factor is the aptitude of the employee. Is the employee even capable of learning how to efficiently perform the task? This has to be accessed by the management. The second factor is the skill level of the employee. It has to be determined that if the employee has the skill to do the task or not. If no, then a training plan has to be designed to help the employee learn the skill. The third factor is the understanding of the task. It is also important to access if the employee even understands the task. Lack of understanding is a direct cause of lack of performance(Achen, 2010). The fourth is the choice to expend efforts. If an employee has the aptitude and the skills to do the job, there might be other personal or professional problems that can cause such a lack of performance. The fifth is the choice of degree of effort to expend. An employee, even though capable, chooses not to put in a full effort and perform in a limited manner. The sixth is the choice to persist. Initiating efforts and then sustaining them over time is required to ensure performance. The seventh is outside factors. These are barriers to performance the individual cannot control. They are external factors. Each factor requires a careful analysis to remove the root cause.

           Employee management has changed from what it was in the past. Employee performance requires different methods for motivation and performance enhancement (BigSpeak, 2012). A talking employee can directly elaborate the issues at hand and save time and efforts in diagnosing the performance problem. The managers can them directly work to remove the cause of the problem impacting performance.


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