Choose an element of Christian doctrine that you find interesting and describe the doctrinal issue.

Choose an element of Christian doctrine that you find interesting and that you want to research and study it in more detail. Read passages from the works in the bibliography and other resources that you have found (consult with the professor on these). Your term paper should describe the doctrinal issue, give pertinent Bible passages that speak to the issue, consider doctrinal formulations from church history where the matter has been debated, and review the positions that have been taken in recent theological literature on the topic. Be sure that you indicate how you would treat this issue personally and what you consider to be the key reasons for your perspective. Be sure that your paper includes a balance between important ideas and information you have learned from reading the theological literature and your own ideas about how to apply these ideas in your own life. Conclude your paper with suggestions of how to apply this doctrinal understanding to the practice of your current or future ministry in a local church. Write a minimum 7, maximum 10 page paper, typewritten and double-spaced (following Turabian, 7th Edition format), which describes your own response and reaction to the doctrinal issue you have chosen. Use careful footnoting to document your use of sources. Observe proper form for term papers in headings, paragraph composition, quotations from sources, and bibliographic entries. Be sure papers have properly formatted cover pages and page numbering. Late papers will receive a 5 point deduction for each calendar day they are late. No papers will be accepted after a one week past due status. Your bibliography should contain at least seven entries with no more than three of these being from internet sources. Plagiarism is taken seriously at DBU. All papers will be submitted via the Turnitin folder link.