Assessment of the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)

Concepts of Nursing Leadership Guidelines for Interview Paper Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to foster your synthesis of course content. This paper should reflect the course readings, materials covered in class, and any pertinent literature or research to support your writing. Emphasis is on the role and practice of the interviewee (advanced practice nurse leader). It is expected that the paper will be referenced where appropriate, following APA guidelines. The expected length of the paper is 7-8 pages double-spaced. Recommended references are at least 5-6 citations. To Get Started: Choose an advanced practice nurse who has a Master’s degree (Nurse Executive, Nursing Director, Nurse Manager, Nursing Supervisor, or other nurse who is serving in a leadership role such as a CNS, NP, Nurse Educator, etc.) whom you know or admire and arrange an interview. Therefore, the focus should be on role development in leadership and management responsibilities. Consider interviewing a nurse in a setting in which you hope to practice. All the information you collect in the interview will be used to write your role assessment, role analysis, and comparative analysis sections. Utilize the following guidelines to document your interview and to discuss your findings per section in light of theory, research and evidence-based practice. Remember to use APA format, including headings, and a reference list. PAPER GUIDELINES 1. Introduction and description of the purpose and goals of the paper. (5%) 2. Assessment of the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). (50%) A. Describe the nurse in relation to the organization in which he/she practices (5%) · What is her/his official job description-title? · What is his/her placement on the organizational chart? · Describe administrative responsibilities, scope of responsibility. B. Discuss the evolution of the role of this nurse in advanced practice. (5%) Include: Experience Education – be specific Mentors she/he had in her/his career C. What is this APN’s predominate model/theory/style of leadership? (10%) Does this Nurse practice under this framework as perceived by this individual? D. Describe the leadership behaviors and attributes of this APN. (10%) What does he/she describe as his/her strengths and weaknesses? E. Describe the politics of this leader’s power within the organization (10%) F. Describe the role of this nurse in the intra-organizational arena. (5%) Examples: Committee work, special projects G. Describe the role of this nurse in the extra-organizational arena. (5%) Include: (1) presentations (2) publications (3) research (4) health care policy (5) involvement in professional organizations (6) professional achievements 3. Role Analysis: (20%) From your perspective and based on the assessment, discuss those behaviors and successes which exemplify leadership in this individual. This aspect of the paper should encompass and reference the topics in the course with depth and scholarly quality. 4. Comparative analysis: (20%) Compare you own role expectations with that of this nurse. To what extent and how did your assessment of this nurse differ from your preconceived ideas and expectations of his/her role as a leader. This aspect of the paper should be written with depth and be of scholarly quality. 5. Summary and evaluation of this learning experience. (5%) Please note that points will be deducted for incorrect APA form and grammar.